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Into a Circle

In2a0 Return

Baz and I have started recording together again as In2a0. The initial plan was to record the songs that we had performed live but never laid down in the studio before we parted ways. Our intention was to revisit each song with a ‘now’ approach without compromising the intention at the time or spirit of the song. It was like we hadn’t been away from them a week; the third mind awoke. Impassioned by the process, we tentatively took the next step and wrote a new song together. That song was ‘My Frozen Heart’, which I feel is the most heartfelt and fervent song that we’ve ever written.

Throughout 2021, we plan to release both new and old songs digitally at various stage, with various collaborators, on various channels: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon. In the autumn, we will release an album on vinyl and perhaps accompany that with live performances.

Getting the Fear

GETTING THE FEAR album on Vinyl & CD

2021 Dais Records release

“DEATH IS BIGGER (1984-85)” on Vinyl & CD
– Includes 12 Panel Booklet with Exclusive Liner Notes by Bee + Rare Archival Photos and Art.

(Available in the UK from Rough Trade Records)


The ThaiCapsule Exhibition

Dark Dispatches from a Parallel Realm. Animism on Acid.
เรื่องราวที่มืดมนจากอาณาจักรคู่ขนาน จิตวิญญาณ และแอซิด
Thaicapsule Exhibition by Paul ‘Bee’ Hampshire
Thaicapsule Exhibition by Paul ‘Bee’ Hampshire


``I’ve done a 10-day fast but couldn’t last a single day without music.”

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